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Sneaky factors that could be ruining your.. Sexual Life It is no myth that in every relationship the golden periods are just temporary. Having a different sexual desire than the partner is a tough thing to overcome. Intimacy is an essential part of a relationship. The balance between physical and emotional intimacy can occur a healthy sex life. It is very important for couples to maintain a healthy sex life, but there are no magic numbers that how many times you have to sex. If you feel like that you

Doctors say that even after the drugs and insulin dosages, if the sugar is not in the level control, then such a patient should be treated immediately to get it in control to avoid the bad effect.   Doctors believe that even after having sugar on the uncontrolled level many times, people do not see symptoms. Many times they do not have an effect even after being uncontrolled, so many times it is affected suddenly and this effect is at a large level, which also damages many body organs.  

In our childhood, we used to ride a lot of bicycles, but today we are out of the cycling zone and we use a car or bike.   Cycling is a very good exercise because it strengthens the whole body. From this, the lungs work well, the feet get strong. Muscles are strengthened and obesity is also reduced. So you can get the ultimate fitness from cycling. To be healthy, it is necessary to be physically active.  If you are engaged in weight loss efforts then see our advice on

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