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Zumba Dance

Rock on our music and shape your body with our exclusive Zumba class only for ladies at affordable price.Enquire Now

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Enter the world of fitness with the highly energetic aerobics routines. Contact us to book your place now!Enquire Now

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Bollywood dance

Unleash the dancer in you! Join us to learn various dance forms with skilled and experienced dancers.

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Classical dance

Our dance class harness the power of movement and uses it to promote growth, health & well being.Enquire Now

About us:

We Dance era Academy provides all kinds of Danceand fitness like Classical, bollywood, Aerobics and zumba classes in nagpur forgeneral public. With our especially skilled faculty who are masters in varioussubjects, we provide best and new learning experience for our students andguide them towards their success.

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Why Us:

1. We have expert and energetic trainers.

2.Carrier opportunities.

3. Visual and audio sessions.

4. Economical charges.

5. Provide full support and easy learning for every dance. 


They have Great Faculty to take proper care of all students and guide them step by step.

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Aamir Khan 

This is one of the most happening and best zumb classes I have ever been. 

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Ritika Amrute

I will always admire what dance era zumba class have taught me. 

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Ishan Harode

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