Best Diet Plan to Lose Weight in 1 week.

diet plan

A proper diet is the one that helps you to maintain or improve your health.


Diet plan can also be the intake of normal bodily functioning. An ideal average diet contains Proteins, Vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, fiber and water all in a balanced proportion.


Doing diet once in a while does not mean that, you will instantly lose weight.

It is said that losing weight needs a lot of Determination and patience.


It’s just not to lose your pounds but to maintain it all the time.


Diet plan:


2 apples =                         230 Calories
6 eggs =                            450 Calories
Oatmeal 1 cup =                160 Calories
Carrot + Cucumber =          60 Calories
Green tea =                           0 Calories

Total =                               900 Calories



How to Eat?




have a breakfast with 3 boiled eggs and 1 cup of Green tea.


Eggs contain good fats and are very high in proteins. It doesn’t make you feel hungry for a longer time.


The body has many benefits from consuming a whole egg, and the weight loss is also one of them.


Research has proven that consuming eggs rather than cereal-based snacks reduces your body’s calories.


This reduces both your body fat and weight. If you do not want to eat the egg for any reason then you can consume any protein containing protein.


If you want to lose weight, then protein is the most important element in this regard. Eating a rich diet of proteins can lead to a considerable increase in your body’s metabolism. It also helps to fill your stomach and satisfy you.


Green tea is the most beneficial and natural ingredients on earth to lose weight. It contains antioxidants which help you to lose weight.




In the Lunch, you can have 3 boiled eggs, 1 Apple and 1 cup of green tea.

Apples are very rich in important antioxidants and contain dietary fiber. A habit of apple eating helps you to reduce the risk of Cancer, Diabetes, Heart diseases, and others.




In the evening you can have 1 cup of Green Tea with an apple.


In between the meals you can also have Sprouts and fruits which have the high amount of water in nature. But remember not to eat in excessive amount.


The fruits and vegetables of each season are different. Therefore use seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet plan. It is better to eat whole fruit instead of juice. Every vegetable gets different nutrients.




For Dinner have a bowl of oats, you can also add some fruits, nuts and flax seeds for more good results.


Oats will keep your stomach full for the longest time and importantly it is beneficial to lose weight.


They are rich in antioxidants and decreases your Cholesterol level.


Follow Diet:

If you surely want to reduce weight, Avoid skipping meals.


Oats, apple, eggs, and green tea will not make you low in energy, in fact, it will keep you active and light all day.


This diet plan will maintain your Metabolism and helps you to keep in a count of calories through the day.


Plan your meal:


While planning your meal.



You have an eye on you are eating and drinking. So that you can have a count on your calories that you are intaking.


It can sound like a homework, but instead of that, we’ll say studying of our meals.


Avoid water scarcity:

Take 3-4 liters of water and fluid throughout the day.


Water not only reduces fat but also removes toxic elements from the body. It reduces hunger and prevents constipation.


you can also use coconut water, fruit juice, soup, lemonade or buttermilk.


It has been said that drinking water helps in reducing weight, and this is also true.


By drinking water, metabolism increases by 24 to 30% within 1 to 2 hours, which helps you reduce calories.


In one research, it has also been found that drinking water for almost half an hour before eating food reduces the number of calories and also decreases the weight.


Move your body more:


Take 10 minutes out of your busy schedule and climb the stairs of your home or apartment. This will reduce your 100 calories.



As a result of this, you will remain stress-free and will survive any type of jerk problems.


If you want to increase your ability to burn calories, then run and climb instead of riding on normal steps instead of climbing on normal stairs. By doing this you will succeed in reducing your calories in half time.


If you are following a diet plan then you need to balance the protein in every meal. Because your body can not repair the muscles tissues without protein.


Which is very important for your weight loss. If you are following weight loss diet then you have to take care of that you do not overeat. diet has fewer carbs. This does not mean that you just spoil your eating habits.


Following a diet plan will lose your weight. There is a lot of various diet plan, diet course but it is important to follow them.


Proper sleep is also very important to reduce weight.


You must have heard, and it is true that even weight is reduced from sleep.


Gradually people are learning that sleep does not only make your body comfortable but also has a great effect on your weight.


If you are really concentrating for weight loss, then consider that according to a research by the University of Chicago, 8½ hours of sleeping people succeed in reducing 55% more fat than people who have 5½ hours of sleep.


To easily go to sleep, avoiding light-filled screens and alcohol two hours before sleeping, and also avoid to fill your plate with food, so that you can sleep early at night.


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