Congratulations! Lose weight in 4 weeks with Keto Diet

keto diet

Keto diet is known for low carbohydrate diet. The keto diets start making ketones in the liver, which starts to be used as body energy. In addition to a keto diet, this diet is also known as “low carb and high-fat diet”.


keto diet


When you eat more carbohydrate diets, glucose and insulin begin to form in the body.


The body turns glucose into a lot of energy, and therefore, we select glucose compared to other energy sources. Insulin helps in bringing glucose to the whole body through blood.


Because glucose is used in the form of primary energy in the body, so your body does not use fat as a form of energy. Because of this, fat is accumulated in the body.


When consuming any normal or high carbohydrate diet, the body uses glucose as the main source of energy.


Reducing the amount of carbohydrate in your diet causes the condition of “ketosis” in the body. Ketosis is a natural process, which helps us survive when the amount of food is low.


In this situation, our body produces ketones, which are made from burning of fat in the liver.

The aim of the keto diet is to bring the body into this ketoscope process. Consider, do not deprive the body of eating, only to minimize carbohydrates.

1. In Weight Loss –


By taking keto diets, our body starts using fat as the energy. At the same time, it also helps in losing weight. By taking this diet our body starts to burn fat, which reduces the level of insulin in the body very little.


2. In controlling blood sugar level –


The type of food you eat in Kito Diet reduces the level of blood glucose. According to studies, ketogenic diets are more effective in protecting against diabetes compared to low-calorie diets.


If you are in the primary stage of diabetes or are suffering from type 2 diabetes, then you should seriously take the ketogenic diet.


There are so many readers, who have controlled blood sugar levels through the keto diet.


3. Increasing mental concentration –


Many people adopt a keto diet to improve mental performance. Kito Diet is a major source of brain energy. When you take low amounts of carbohydrate, you can avoid large nails in blood sugar.


These two together increase your brain’s focus and concentration. Studies show that taking more quantity of fatty acids makes our brain more active.



4.Increasing energy levels and controlling hunger –

With Kito Diet, our body gets a better source of energy, by which you feel more energized during the day. As well as energy, fat is used more and more.



5. In the treatment of epilepsy –

Cationic diets are being used successfully in the treatment of epilepsy, and even today, many children suffering from epilepsy are given this diet for its treatment.


The biggest benefit of this is that it costs very little and is very effective in controlling epilepsy.


6. To control cholesterol and blood pressure –


lose weight


Keto diet helps increase the level of triglyceride and cholesterol, which are beneficial for arteries. Lower the amount of carbohydrate and high-fat diet helps reduce the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase the level of good cholesterol (HDL), compared to low-fat diets.


7. To stop insulin –


There may be type 2 diabetes due to insulin resistance if it is not properly controlled.


There are many such studies that show that low carbohydrate and ketogenic diets help in reducing insulin levels and keeping its levels healthy.


8. To get rid of acne –


Taking keto diets automatically improves your skin.


According to a study, there was an improvement in lesions and skin swelling during low carbohydrate diets. In one study on the other side, more carbohydrate diets were seen to increase the secretion of acne.


The common side effects of keto diet are:

1. Body cramps –


Spraining from taking keto diet and cramping in particular feet is a common thing. This usually happens more in the morning and evening.


Although there is no need to panic about this, it indicates that there is a shortage of minerals in your body, especially magnesium.


Therefore, take maximum liquid food and salt in your diet. This will reduce the amount of magnesium in your body and will relieve the problem of cramps.


2. A problem of constipation –


Water deficiency is one of the most common problems of constipation. So it’s the simplest solution is to drink more water. In addition, consuming fiber and non-starchy vegetables provides relief from constipation.


If there is no relief from all these, then the husk or probiotic of the asbigol can also be taken.


3. The feeling of panic or unsteady heartbeat


When you adopt keto diet, your heartbeat becomes faster before ignore and there may be trouble in breathing.


This is a normal thing, so do not worry. Drink more water and eat salt to bring it in normal condition.


Generally, this is enough to get rid of this problem. In addition, you can also take potassium supplements once a day.


4. Lowering body capacity –


When you start taking kito diets, it may be that your physical ability decreases. This is because your body uses fat as the energy.


Therefore, there is no need to be disturbed, in a few days, your physical ability will be the same as before.


4. week Indian Keto Diet Plan for Weight Loss –


A four-week Indian Keto diet plan to lose weight Sequence: The following is from 1 week to 4 weeks.


keto diet


From the below foods, you can eat different foods one by one each week.

1. First week –

Breakfast –


Cheese as any dish (fried in groundnut oil or coconut oil)

Cheesy with egg omelet cheese (baked in olive oil and butter)

Cheese, egg beans and more quantity of capsicum (cooked in olive oil and butter)

Lunch meal-


Common salads (spinach, capsicum, fried in mushrooms, olive oil, and butter, sometimes with chicken, sometimes with eggs and sometimes only with the high amount of vegetable and Cheese) can take.

Cream of spinach soup together with fried mushrooms or broccoli.

Sokkhedi and Baked french beans, along with Cheese.


dinner –


Baked spinach with cheese and cream

Lemon chicken marmalade

Fried Cheese Powder

Fry mutton with a spice of your choice

Cauliflower salad or cabbage with Thoran coconut


2. Second week –


In the second week, you start mixing coconut oil, cream, and butter. It is a bit difficult but if you want to lose weight then it will have to eat.


You can also take it in your tea or decoction. Apart from this, you can also use spices as per your taste. You should use Sugar-free ketchup sweet. This will help you reduce fat. You can call this mixture as bullet coffee.


Breakfast –


Bullet coffee (with coffee or tea, coconut oil, cream, and butter)


Lunch –


Common salads (spinach, capsicum, fried in mushrooms, olive oils, and butter, sometimes with chicken, sometimes with eggs and sometimes the only vegetable, with a high amount of cheese) can be taken.

Spicy Fried Cheese Pumpkin

Red gram salad

lemon chicken

Soybean curry

Fry fried with groundnut

dinner –


Cheese made dish and fried French beans

Cooked in cauliflower, coconut milk, and coconut oil.

Cream of mushroom

boiled chicken



3. third week –


As you move towards the next week. Keto Diet becomes difficult for you. The third week is called the Fosting State or Fasting Stage.


That’s why you will have breakfast in the early morning in the third week and in the afternoon you will not have to eat anything and in this way, after 12 hours of fast, you will take extra fat food in the dinner.

This fast is called continuous fasting.




Bullet coffee


Lunch –


In the afternoon you drink a little bit of water and take chili with green tea or lemonade without sugar.




6 to 8 almonds soaked in the water this whole week

Chicken with Cheese and Spinach in Pasto Sauce (fried in olive oil)

Cheese chili

With roasted chicken, spinach and cheese salad

Spinach egg omelet, with a high amount of cheese


4. Fourth week –


The fourth week of Keto Diet is very difficult. This week, you have to eat only at night. During fasting all day you can take the green tea and lemonade (salt and pepper) without sugar. Plus you drink more water.


If this fasting is going to be very difficult for you, then you can go back to the second week’s diet and start from there again.




Black tea/lemon tea/peach tea (without sugar)

black coffee


Lunch –


Green tea (without sugar)

Lemonade (without sugar)

Drink more water


dinner –


Green beans fried with coconut and groundnut

Pasty chicken

Spinach cooked in cheese, cream, and milk

Fried Vegetables

boiled chicken

Thai chicken

lemon chicken

Capsicum, spinach and fried Cheese

Almond flour

Note –

Here you are given information about Indian Ketogenic Diet, but you must know how difficult it is to adopt it.


So do not take this diet without any dietician or doctor’s advice. If you have any kind of health problem by adopting this diet, then you will be responsible for it.

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