Life saving ways to Cure Diabetes

cure diabetes

Doctors say that even after the drugs and insulin dosages, if the sugar is not in the level control, then such a patient should be treated immediately to get it in control to avoid the bad effect.


Doctors believe that even after having sugar on the uncontrolled level many times, people do not see symptoms. Many times they do not have an effect even after being uncontrolled, so many times it is affected suddenly and this effect is at a large level, which also damages many body organs.


So if anyone is like this then they should treat it instead of taking it lightly. Although doctors believe that over 250 patients of sugar level every day come to the hospital and they have complete treatment.


Reasons to Increase Sugar Level:


1) Working continuously for long hours.

 2) The dosage of medicines or insulin is not sufficient.

 3) Do not control or do not exercise in the diet.


cure diabetes


 4) Infections in the body also cause sugar levels to rise, whether in the infection chest, throat, tooth In or in urine.

 5) Sugar level also increases from 150 to 200, due to stress.


This can be the result of uncontrolled sugar level:


– It effects in the eye sights.

 – There is an effect on the kidney and protein comes in urine.

 – It also has an effect on the veins.

-It shows an effect on the heart also.

-The more sugar levels, the more likely the infection is increased.


Treatment of every condition:


Fortis’s Diabetes Expert Doctor says that the first uncontrolled sugar level should be controlled and kept below 200. For this, the right diet and exercise are necessary for medication as well.


Daily such patients come and they are treated. About this, a doctor of the Asian Institute of Medical Science said that many times the sugar level is above 300 but there is no problem but this does not mean that such patients are OK.


They should make regular checkups and should be treated completely. If there is no sugar level control in a day or two, then there can be long-term damage.


The doctor said that if the sugar level decreases, then it is necessary to fix the correct dosage of the drug or insulin.


HBA1c should be checked for this. It detects glycosylated hemoglobin. This probe turns out to be a three-month sugar level together.


Once the average level is detected, it is easy to fix the drug or insulin dosages.


Foods to Fight Diabetes:

cure diabetes

1. Prunes

“Dried fruit typically gets a foul rap for folks with diabetes, however, prunes contain no added sugars, area unit lower on the glycemic index scale than most edible fruit, and supply 3 grams of fiber per serving.” 


This combination of things implies that prunes do not spike blood sugar the maximum amount as several alternative dried fruits and sweeteners (and they’re lower in carbs), therefore pureed prunes is a good swap for value-added sugar in recipes.


One study also found that intake 5 to 6 prunes daily helped forestall bone loss.


The study was conducted on ladies, however, since individuals with diabetes have a higher risk of bone loss, adding prunes to your diet could facilitate maintain bone density.


2. Avocado:


The healthy, unsaturated fats in avocado will help regulate appetence. “One study found that adding half an avocado to a meal reduced post-meal hunger while not impacting post-meal blood sugar levels.


“This helped improve portion management for the rest of the day, which might be helpful to anyone with diabetes WHO is working to manage weight.”


Eating healthy fats conjointly facilitate reduce risk factors for heart disease, which individuals with the polygenic disease are at a higher risk for, she adds. attempt adding some slices to a dish.


3. Apples:


In a Finnish study, men who ate the most apples and different foods high within the flavonoid quercetin had 20 % less diabetes and heart disease deaths.


different sensible sources of quercetin are onions, tomatoes, leafed green vegetables, and berries.


4. Fiber-rich foods:


Rather than attempt to find out specifically what quantity fiber is in several foods, concentrate on making an attempt to induce a total of 13 daily servings of a mixture of fruits, vegetables, beans, brown rice, and whole grain pasta, cereals, and bread.

5. Steel-Cut Oats:


Start your day with a bowl of steel-cut oats to fuel you up and provides you energy. “Steel-cut oats area unit a decent supply of whole grain, and also are rich in fiber”.


The strain of fiber contained in oats, beta-glucan, has additionally been found to be effective at reducing LDL cholesterol levels, and achieving optimum low-density lipoprotein levels is key in reducing heart disease risk.”


6. Jicama:


It’s time to induce aware of this trendy, water-rich vegetable. “One cup of raw jicama contains solely 49 calories and 4 grams of net carbs ([which means that it has] 11 grams of carbs and 7 grams of fiber.


When baked, jicama will taste very just like carb-rich foods like french-fried potatoes, making it a delicious, low carb choice”. Plus, the fiber helps keep blood sugar stable to assist cravings to steer clear.


7. Citrus Fruit:


Studies show that individuals with diabetes tend to have lower levels of vitamin c in their bodies, therefore an antioxidant-packed edible fruit could be a nice snack alternative.


it should appear faster to get your vitamin C from a pill, however since fruit is low in fat and high in fiber, it is a more sensible choice.



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