How to disappear your obesity forever

disappear your obesity forever.

Start treating your obesity seriously or else be prepared to face serious health issues.

Obesity is the root of many diseases, or you can say that with obesity invites many diseases coming one after another. Therefore take control over it in time and disappear your obesity forever.

To reduce obesity, it is necessary to keep the lifestyle healthy. Most of us find obesity in tablets and popular bottles. But the truth is that the secret to reducing obesity is in hard work and disciplined lifestyle.

 It is necessary to make up our mind. It is the only who decide to make our body healthy.

If you are reading this, then it means that you are willing to disappear your  obesity forever.

But as the obesity is due to different reasons, it should be treated differently considering it differently.


To control obesity, we should consider many points.

Diet changes Routine exercise and physical activity, surgery and others.

It is extremely important to plan diet plans for the obese people. Do not stay hungry, but remember not to eat if you wish.

1. Vegetables and fruits:

Use Fibrous vegetables in the food and fruit like cucumber, tomatoes, leaf cabbage, gourd cucumbers etc.

There are many more vegetables in this way also, take fruit also. Eat as much you need but do not over eat.

2. Intake Low calories:

Let sugar, salt, oil be reduced in your food. Take low calorie food instead of high calorie food.

Toffee, ice cream, cake, pastry, cookies, burger, pizza. Cold-drinks, alcohol stop using them completely.

They contains high amount of sugar and Trans fat. This is not good for our body.

3. Slow and Stedy:

If you lose your weight by being hungry, so as soon as you start your normal eating, so your body regains the weight.

So try to lose your weight slowly.

4. Avoid fast food:

Instead of using fast food you can use low calories food in the meals or in the middle of the meals.

5. Meals proportions:

Fat carbohydrate and protein are important parts of any diet. Their right choice in your day-to-day meal will be helpful in disappear your obesity forever. Carbohydrate and fat are good for heavy breakfast, but not in dinner.

6. Avoid oil:

Try not to use the food which is cooked in oil, instead of use steamed cooked food.

7Healthy unsaturated fats:

Use Peanuts, Almonds, Cashew nuts etc for fat.

Oil- use sesame, ground nut, coconut and olive oil. Stop refined oil completely.  Take gourd cow.

Don’t use gourd made of cream.


8. Keep track of your diet:

disappear your obesity forever.

By paying a little attention to your diet, you can know where the nutrient elements are coming from in your diet. Remember that you are checking everything of your food well.

By doing this you will know what you are consuming all day. Awareness is necessary to disappear your obesity forever. The more you know what you eat, the better it is for you.

9. Gourd loses weight:

Take 100 grams of gourd juice every day. You probably do not know, but gourd juice affects many diseases from the body. Boiling gourd with salt, also loses weighs quickly. Stay away from bitter gourd.

10. Time management:

There should be 3 1/2 to 4 hours time difference between 2 meals. Don’t be hungry for more than 6 hours. Just for the fun time or to taste don’t eat anything. Decide and make specific time for your meals.

11. Early eating:

We know that it is very difficult for some to eat dinner very early. But if you have to disappear your obesity forever or maintain your weight you should eat your dinner by 8-9 O’clock.

Do not skip your meals and do not eat dinner late at night or else if you are late for dinner try to have only soup.

Your dinner should be light, boiled and semi-solid.

Don’t sleep just after your meal. 2 hours of difference between dinner and sleep, is very important.

Consult a good dietician.

12. Take some time for exercise:

Take out some time and do any kind of workout, physical activities like jogging, cycling, aerobics, yoga, swimming, dancing. These are the cool options to do some activities to get fit.

By any activity you will bring out the sweat and blood circulation will be proper enough.

There are some home-made solutions which can disappear your obesity forever.  

1. Add 500 ml of cinnamon powder in a cup of hot water and cover it. Afterwards add some honey to lukewarm water and drink it. (3 times with empty stomach).

2. Take lemon juice, honey and black pepper in hot water and take it in the morning. Continues use if 3 months, starts decreasing in weight.

3. In a glass of water pour 2 teaspoon apple vinegar in the morning. Do not take too much quantity otherwise potassium in the blood is reduced and bone mineral density can also be reduced.

4. Remove the upper layer of aloe Vera and take out the juice in the mixer and take it in the morning. The one who is suffering from diarrhea and dysentery do not take this.

5. Take a cup of green tea every day.

6. Garlic is very helpful in weight loss, so it is very useful in reducing belly fat in the same way. For this, chew the two buds of garlic daily and drink a glass of lukewarm water from it, in which a lemon juice is added.

7. Sun seed is always been very useful for human life. If it can be said that many diseases can be cured from the seed of Sun, then it will not be wrong. There are many macro and micro nutrients found in iodine, nickel, aluminum, chromium, zinc, copper, manganese, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and much other boron. That is why if you want to lose weight then be sure to consume the sun seeds.

8. Use black pepper if fruit salad, vegetables etc. But if you have ulcer or acidity do not take it.

9. Add 8-10 fresh curry leaves daily in meals.

10. Use tomato in salad or soup.

11. Use leaf cabbage in salad or juice regularly.

12. Drink fennel tea daily or take a teaspoon of fennel.

In this way, diseases which are associated with obesity can be controlled.

Continue to inspire yourself to achieve your weight loss goals. Keep your focus on the micro-goals you have for yourself. Pay close attention to your diet.


There are lot of options to disappear your obesity forever or to stay fit. But ultimately it is up to you, how much seriously you take it.

It will just take a few steps to start the health journey. Once you’ll start it, you will enjoy the whole journey.

It is good to live a healthy lifestyle rather than regretting it for.

The more you get fit, the more you develope your personality.

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