A proper diet is the one that helps you to maintain or improve your health.   Diet plan can also be the intake of normal bodily functioning. An ideal average diet contains Proteins, Vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, fiber and water all in a balanced proportion.   Doing diet once in a while does not mean that, you will instantly lose weight. It is said that losing weight needs a lot of Determination and patience.   It’s just not to lose your pounds but to maintain it all the time.  

  Are you trying to lose weight or trying to get lean shape?   We are being advised to do a lot of crazy things, but most advises doesn’t work for weight loss You must have heard of some sort of hard weight loss and creepy diet plans which makes weight loss more difficult for us.   Weight loss needs a lot of determination and proper scheduled to follow it, but if you really want to lose your weight so you need to keep yourself motivated and determined and I

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