4 Reasons That Can Destroy Your Sexual Life

sexual life

Sneaky factors that could be ruining your..

Sexual Life

It is no myth that in every relationship the golden periods are just temporary. Having a different sexual desire than the partner is a tough thing to overcome.

Intimacy is an essential part of a relationship. The balance between physical and emotional intimacy can occur a healthy sex life.

It is very important for couples to maintain a healthy sex life, but there are no magic numbers that how many times you have to sex.

If you feel like that you are just not enjoying sex or you don’t want to have sex then you are suffering from low sex drive and your relationship could be in danger.

There are plenty of reasons for low sex drive; low libido, issues in the relationship, chronic stress, hormonal imbalance, sedentary lifestyle.

Let’s find out what might be going wrong and how to overcome it.


  1. The Biggest Turn-Off? Your Lack of Communication


When there is a communication gap in a relationship. 

Good communication leads to a good relationship, so naturally, it also leads to good sex. Talking to your partner can make you feel more vulnerable and protected.

If you have no clue what is going on with your partner then there is a chance that you are losing connection with the partner. Whatever the issues, having a discussion is key to fix it.

So tell your ally what you want in bed! But don’t forget to be responsive to hearing what they want as well.

So, sit and have a word with each other, talk about the problems, and don’t forget to encourage your spouse.

Don’t be passive in the bedroom it can lead to have bad sex.

According to HuffPost, You can’t expect your partner to read your mind regarding any aspect of your relationship, so you certainly need to drop that expectation when it comes to sex. The couples who communicate with each other about what they want during sex are more likely satisfied and healthy sex life.


2. Technology Ruining Sex Life?

Couple using phones in bed



Dose using cellphone really running your sex life? 

The bedroom is for two things one is for sleep and the other is for sex. Using a mobile in the bed can make wreak havoc on your sex life.

It is very important to focus on your partner and give them attention, and not to stick to your mobile using Facebook or texting in the bedroom.

Your work can wait till morning keeps them aside; avoid all late night work email.

According to study the couples who don’t have a television in their bedroom have a more healthy sexual life and have more surprise and sex.

If you love watching TV with your partner and then falling asleep on his shoulder, then you should keep that in the living room; if you want to boost your sex life.

Bringing in the distraction in your love dome will capricious your concentration and you won’t remain focused.

And long hours using devices mean that at the end of the day you are tired mentally and physically both which can affect the performance in bed and can cause low libido.


3. How Stress Affects Sexual Desire?

sexual life

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When you are bedroom become your workplace. 

Stress caused by work-related issues can have adverse effects on sex life. What if your partner’s mind is preoccupied with some tension related to work, have some deadline?

As we all know sex is the amazing stress buster but what if the environment is stressed full? This stress can harm your sexual life and drain out the libido.

Most of the men are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, which is nothing more than a stress response which triggers you. Even women can take sexual pleasure due to the negative impact of mental fatigue.

Stress can wash you out and this can affect your sexual appetite. Take a look at whatever bothering you and handle the issue.

Listening music to claim down yourself, try some relaxation activity from your busy schedule, or just go for the walk to relieve your stress.

After long working hours, hectic meeting, taking care of children, other household chores. If either of the partners is exhausted and turns off to the bed at night, it is unlike that the body won’t respond properly.

Sex is a physical activity; it’s a type of workout. You need to rely on your brain, sex starts with your brain – the sense, the intimacy, the attraction.

While doing sex you won’t feel the loss of energy but once you’re done soon after, you will feel exhausted and not even wanting to move muscles.

So if you are already tired or lethargic you can’t enjoy it and destroy the moment. Late night sex may bound you to feel tired for the rest of the next day.

Try to get intimate in the daytime whenever it is your best time. Interestingly, early morning sex will not jaded you much since you have gotten good hours of sleep before it.


4. Fitness

sexual life



Stay fit and healthy to make yourself more active; couple activity will help you to stay fit

In this busy life if can’t take out the time for your fitness then you will become dull. No workout will make you more dull in bed.

There are many hormones in your body which work when you are doing intercourse. The people who don’t do exercise either it is men or women mostly they experience the arousal issues.

You can try a workout together that can benefit from positive self-esteem and help to boost your sex drive.

There is some exercise for low libidos like Kegels, weight lifting and many others. Working out together will help you spend more time with each other and make you fit.

There are several health-related problems like diabetes, heart problem weight loss, or any lifestyle disease. These tensions can also impost your marriage.

One of the early signs of heart disease includes difficulty with erection, which directly impacts your sexual life.

If you are taking too medicines for bed performance after some years they will show side effects it will be good if you limit it.

It is advisable to check these conditions with healthcare professionals and try to find out some way through it. If it is unchecked for a long time can affect your sexual health.



Sex is an energy which is emotional, physical and spiritual. Lack of emotional intimacy in a relationship, unsatisfied sexual life can end up your relationship.

Giving time to each other in a relationship will help to restore and repair it with emotional satisfaction. All over sex should be interesting, exciting and healthy; you just have to experience the moment.

It’s just not to achieve the goal, but just to enjoy the touch for what it is in the jiffy. As we discuss the 4 major points which can destroy your sex life.

There are some techniques which can help you out. One of them is Tantric sex which will help you to communicate with your sexual thoughts and with your desires.

You can look for an expert for a healthy sex life and help to overcome your problems.

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